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Winter is a great time to be making beeswax candles. Rolled or moulded they all give brilliant light and are long burning with no smoking or smell (other than the glorious smell of warm beeswax! Some people say that, when burning, beeswax gives out negative ions that actually help clean the air.
It is also claimed that burning beeswax candles can help people who suffer from asthma, allergies and hay fever.

Do you know any other benefits of beeswax candles?





Home for a swarm.
See what bees will do in a convenient space!

Photo: bbka




Flowers for my bees?

plant for bees   Planning a garden? Re-planting? People often ask, ‘which flowers should I plant in my garden to provide food for the honey bees?’ A good question, now that the planting season is here! Here is a list to get you started!

Can you tell the difference? One is a honey bee, one is a wasp (yellow jacket) and one is a bumble bee. (Photos: Wasp: Bruger Glen; Bumble bee – Christian Bauer; Honey bee – Minette Layne) 3 insects pic


The honey bee is in the middle photo. Did you know which one it was? Not everyone can tell the difference, so if you knew, then well done you!


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