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Discover the smartphone app that can identify plants by taking a picture! Find out more here:

 A pretty awesome development. Apparently different data bases exist and you choose the one appropriate to where you live. Anyone ready to give it a try? 


The SHAZAM app that identifies plants

The SHAZAM app that identifies plants




bbka-15284106_1160937113942607_6749748106412240034_nTo treat or not to treat

There is currently much debate on whether or not to treat varroa infestations in bee colonies. A recent collection of data relating to winter losses in Wales in the years 2010-2015 has shown that colony losses amongst beekeepers not treating for varroa were less than those applying treatments. This was initially a surprise. More recent surveys have confirmed the initial survey findings; no increase in winter survival rates for colonies treated with varroacides.

The main reasons put forward for stopping anti- varroa treatments were:
–  The increasing resistance of varroa to current chemical treatments.
–  The survival and health of feral colonies.
–  Observation that varroa numbers, and the damage caused by varroa, was decreasing yearly.

Contrary to current National Bee Unit advice, the argument for non treatment has been put forward. Thoughts?




Flowers for my bees?

plant for bees   Planning a garden? Re-planting? People often ask, ‘which flowers should I plant in my garden to provide food for the honey bees?’ A good question, now that the planting season is here! Here is a list to get you started!

Can you tell the difference? One is a honey bee, one is a wasp (yellow jacket) and one is a bumble bee. (Photos: Wasp: Bruger Glen; Bumble bee – Christian Bauer; Honey bee – Minette Layne) 3 insects pic


The honey bee is in the middle photo. Did you know which one it was? Not everyone can tell the difference, so if you knew, then well done you!


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