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Come and visit as often as you like!




Now the season really starts!  Are you ready? Frames made up and fitted with foundation?  Feeders off, mouse guard removed and first inspection planned or carried out? How about swarm control?  Are you looking out for queen cells?  Do you know what to do if you find them?

Add a super; there should be lots of nectar coming in soon.
Oilseed rape in fields near you?  Then be ready to extract as soon as the flowers start to die.
Have you plenty of jars and lids, and what about labels?


From our Facebook posts is now on the secret B Kids Club home page – why not log in and read now?


Krsna is writing up his Beekeeping Diary for B Kids in 2018.  Click here to read his first entries.


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NEW PAGE in the B KIDS CLUB section 



Advice for School Teachers – Fitting bees into the curriculum


under 7s

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advice schools

 1st New book review

by Isabella

2nd new book review

by Aidan

3rd new book review

by Kirsty


What did one bee say to the other when they both landed on the same flower?

Buzz off!

Fresh Jigsaw – “Cherry Blossom”

Try our Bkids interactive jigsaw now 


Click here for April’s
open til 1st May 2018
Enter on-line!







DIY hornet trap. Easy to make from a large plastic bottle. Bait with a sweet solution that won’t attract bees; cider, beer or a dilute jam mix have been suggested. Essential apparatus now for both monitoring and trapping any Asian hornets in your area!

Photo: Steve Fearn







The Asian Hornet. Photo: Charles J Sharp

Are YOU still keeping a watch out for evidence of these unwanted visitors?

At this time of year when the leaves are gone from the trees you might spot a nest and, although it will be empty during the winter, it will show the area where the overwintering hornet queens are likely to be!



An asian hornet nest. Photo: Chris Luck

Nests look like this:


If you think you have seen one, either an Asian hornet or a nest, contact this email address: or visit the Biological Records Centre website

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