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Finn McMullan’s story “WASP ATTACK”

Wasp Attack

By: Finn McMullan, age 10


Hu, Hu, where am I!” shouted Bertie the drone bee as he emerged from his cell.

You are in hospital little brother in our bee hive at Hillside Farm,” said the nursery bee.
“Happy birthday, it’s the 2nd
 of April 2012.”

Bertie stayed in hospital for two day learning how to walk and do many other things. The nurse bee told Bertie that it was time to leave, so Bertie started to explore the hive.

Bertie saw bees giving out jars of honey, mead and pollen. He got a jar of honey and gobbled it down. It was the best thing he had ever tasted. He was amazed by everything he saw.

One day, when Bertie was two months old, he was eating some honey and heard an unusual sound at the door of the hive. He looked up and saw a wasp creeping sneakily towards the queen, who was sitting nearby. Bertie rushed to the guards and told them that a frightening wasp was looking at the queen, but before he could finish what he was saying, the guards were after the wasp.
The guard bees were fighting the ferocious wasp for a long time. Eventually one of the guards stung the wasp in the leg.

Owww!” the wasp shouted as the bee stung him. He fled from the colony and never came again.

Everyone cheered excitedly for Bertie and the guards. “Hip, Hip, Hurray!” the crowd shouted. They partied all night until everyone fell asleep.

The next day drone Bertie was woken and told the queen wanted to see him, so he flew to the palace gates. They opened the gates and told him to wait there. A few minutes later the queen arrived.

Thank you very much for saving my life!” the queen said as she gave him a big hug. “This is a medal of honour for your courage.” She hung a shiny gold medal around his neck. Everyone cheered and clapped.

goldmedal-150x150The queen said, “From now on you shall be known as Sir Bertie of Hillside Farm”.


It was the best day of Bertie’s life.


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