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BKids Recipes

fondant bees

How to make a fondant BUZZY BEE!

What you need:

Black, yellow and white fondant

Glue: 2 tsps icing sugar dissolved in one tbsp water


pastry cutter or knife (be careful!)


Cutting board

Rolling pin

Metal ruler

How to make Buzzy Bee

1. Roll yellow fondant into a ball (approximately 3/4″), then begin to shape it into an oval. Round out the edges of the oval by smoothing the fondant with your fingers. As you round it out, the bottom will flatten to lay nicely on the board, forming the bee’s body.

2. Use the toothpick to make two indentations on the bee’s body to create the eyes.

3. Roll out black fondant to 1/8″ thick with the rolling pin. Cut two tiny circles. Roll the circles into little balls, then glue them where you made indentations for the eyes.

4. Roll out more black fondant to 1/16″ thick with the rolling pin. Using the metal ruler, cut a strip of the black fondant (approximately 1/4″ wide). Place the black strip over the centre of the bee’s body. Trim the excess. Repeat the above step to create two more stripes on the bee’s body.

5. Roll out white fondant to 1/8″ thick with the rolling pin. Cut out two small ovals. Pinch one end of each white fondant oval to create a teardrop shape.

6. Add some sugar glue to the two pointed ends of the ovals and pinch them together, then glue them to bee’s body, in between two black stripes, to create the wings.

7. From the rolled out black fondant, take a small ball and form into a short roll. Pinch one end and flatten out the larger end to form a sting. Using a dab of your sugar glue, attach this to the end of the bee’s abdomen! Leave to dry.

Et voila! You have made Buzzy Bee!
Ps – You can, if you like, make a fondant flower too!