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Fun Stuff – Games & Projects & Printables

Spot the difference?

spot the difference Can you spot the 8 things that are different between A and B? Why not challenge your friends?

new starHoneycomb puzzle snippet
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Colouring pages

Click an image to download and print your own copy for colouring in (click your Right Mouse button (WIN) or CTRL-Click (Mac) to SAVE or PRINT the image).
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bee and blossom

bees and blossom

bee on flower

bee on flower

Harvesting the honey

Harvesting the honey

Click here to try Finn's Word Search page.
Click the image above to try Finn’s Word Search page.

Try this link for a FUN GAME which teaches you about pollination, flowers and bees!

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Print and Make a bookmark!

bookmark-teaserClick the picture to get a downloadable pdf you can print and play (use the browser back button to get back to BKids)

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Honeycomb Word puzzle

honeycomb word puzzle
Click the picture to get a downloadable pdf you can print and play.

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Secret Smells

You know that honey bees recognise each other by using their sense of smell. This way they can tell who belongs in the hive and who is an intruder!

Play this game of ‘Find the Partner’ and see if you could be a bee!

bee-on-flowerhead-100x100You will need:

      • Cotton wool balls
      • A plastic bag or glass bowl
      • Lavender oil
      • Olbas oil
      • Vinegar
      • Lemon juice
      • Perfume (don’t use the expensive one!)
      • Or anything else (liquid) that has a
      • distinctive smell.

What to do: Take 2 cotton wool balls and put a few drops of one liquid on both. Repeat this with each of the other smelly liquids so that you have 2 cotton wool balls for each of your chosen smells. Put all the cotton wool balls in the plastic bag or glass bowl and stir them around to mix them up. Now take them out one by one. Can you match those that smell the same? Use your sense of smell to find those that smell the same.

Advanced stuff for those that find this easy – can you tell which smell is which? Get someone to check your answers!

Could you be a bee?

How well did you do?

Try this out on Mum or Dad, as well as your friends. Which of you is the best bee?

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Label the worker bee

Click the picture to get a downloadable pdf  you can print and play.Label-the-bee teaser

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