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Roll your own candle christmas presents

Roll your own candle christmas presents

Roll your own candles – great for Christmas Presents!

Step 1: Buy coloured or natural beeswax foundation sheets, and suitable wicks, from your local beekeeping supplies store.

Step 2: Measure wicks for each candle allowing an extra 2 cm to extend beyond the candle. You can then use a hair dryer (set on low) to warm the sheet for 30-60 seconds, until it becomes more flexible, less prone to breaking and easier to roll.

IMG_6659Step 3: Lay the wick along the edge of the sheet (making sure to leave the extra length hanging over one side) and then roll the wick tightly into the wax. Roll the rest of the sheet lightly, don’t press or roll too hard. Slowly roll up the candle, making sure the edges stay straight so that the candle has a level base on the bottom edge.

Step 4: Once fully rolled, press and smooth the top in towards the wick, and press the bottom against the table to flatten the base. Trim the wick 1.2 cm from the top.

P.S.: You can dress them up with a trickle of melted wax in a different colour (ask an adult to do this bit!) or glitter, or you can keep them leave them plain. Now tie two candles together with a piece of ribbon or garden twine – and there you are – a beautiful Christmas gift!