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School Bee Clubs News

Pennaeth San Sior

Here are some of the children from the Eco Club from the BBC Countryfile visit last year.
We have 7 bee hives at the school and during the summer the children join me to check on progress.






Last year we extracted 12 litres of honey from two of the hives and Matt Baker told us it was ‘among the finest honey he had ever tasted’.
Last autumn we went to a nearby farm and caught a swarm of bees and we have added this to our apiary.
We are looking forward to writing our apiary diaries next year.






Charlton Manor Primary School – Beekeeping is good for you!

School kids trooping off to their apiary.

School kids trooping off to their apiary.

When a swarm of bees descended on Charlton Manor primary school in Greenwich the teachers were concerned. Some were afraid they would have to close the school. But what struck head teacher Tim Baker was how calm the pupils were – and how fascinated. He, and two other teachers, went on a beekeeping course to learn how to look after bees and the school got its own hive. A lot of the children’s lessons are now based on beekeeping. In PE, the children study the waggle dance that scout bees do to tell the other bees where nectar is to be found. In cooking lessons, they use honey in their recipes, and in geography, they learn how different parts of the world make use of bees. They also learned how to sell the honey their own bees had made. Amazingly, all the children who had a reputation for bad behaviour in school became well behaved as they learned to look after the bees. One boy said this was because, “The bees made me peaceful and calm”. The practical work that is part of beekeeping is something these children are especially good at. By watching the bees and how they all work for the good of the whole colony, the children also learn how to co-operate and consider the whole group rather than just thinking of themselves.  

Broomley School Bee Club – Latest News

photo (2)

Archie (center)  is the ice cream flavour winner.

On the 15th of June 2015 Broomley School held a fund raising fete to celebrate the start of the school BEE PROJECT. The money raised is going to be used to make a Bee Garden for the playground, and to buy bee friendly forage plants, all with the aim of teaching children (and adults!) about bees and their importance in the environment. The day was a BIG SUCCESS. Children were invited to invent an ice cream flavour on the subject of bees and forage and the winning flavour was to be produced and sold by the local Wheelbirks family ice cream parlour. The winner was Archie Milner with his ‘Buzz on the Tongue’ honey and vanilla with popping candy variety. Every child in the school will be treated to a scoop of this new flavour at the end of term sports afternoon. Coincidentally, the Milner family also won the Hexham BKA’s top prize – a trip for the family to visit the association apiary to take part in a beginners’ Sunday afternoon session. photo (5) The local garden centre, Mickley’s, was selling plants with a bee forage theme and they donated 20% of all the bee forage plants to the school. The local builders and joiners, Mainwaring Brothers, were also very generous, they donated a beautifully made WBC dummy hive to stand in the new Bee Garden. The PTA had been busy knitting soft toy bees and also tea cosies with bees as decoration. These were sold on the day (sold out and taking orders for more!), as was local honey and wax. There was a game with a dummy hive and people were asked to guess how many bees were at home. The local bakers also joined in, selling a very popular bee theme bread made from spelt and honey and decorated with striped poppy seed. There were even inflatable bee beards for sale (imported from the USA)! The school now has enough money to go ahead with their Bee Garden in the playground. Watch this space! Jilly Halliday Broomley School Bee Project   More photos