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A Year in the Apiary!


The Beekeeping Year is busy in the spring, summer, and autumn. Winter is the month for making decisions for the coming year. Click the page list for clues to each month’s tasks starting with month 1 – January!

A new beekeeping season is coming!

A new beekeeping season is coming!
Photo: Valerie Mullan


  • Get ready for the new season: prepare spare equipment (supers, nuc boxes, spare brood frames/brood boxes, queen excluders), order foundation.
  • Plan your beekeeping for the year.
    – more colonies?
    – more honey?
    – replace a queen?
    – learn something new?
    – improve your record keeping?
  • Heft your hives – give emergency feeding (candy) if necessary
  • Attend local BKA meetings
  • Read some beekeeping books
  • Consider taking some BBKA assessment (Junior or Basic?)