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Bee diary

2018 Bee Diary from Krsna

Welcome Krsna

Hi, my name is Krsna Smith, I am seven and live in Wales.
I have been beekeeping for about two years and also helping my dad before then.
I was born profoundly deaf (which means I hear very little) but thanks to my dad he has shown me the world of beekeeping and I LOVE IT .
My favourite bit of beekeeping is finding the queen. My dad has made up a nuc for me and I have named the queen Bella . I will keep you up-to-date this year about my own hive.

See my diary in the B Kids page.








September 2018

This month has come around quickly, back to the wet Welsh weather.

After the hard work of extracting the honey and jarring it all and storing the supers ready for next year, I am now helping my dad getting the bees ready for winter – checking varroa levels before treating and then giving extra feed where needed.

Me and my family went out to the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, they had flowers from all over the world and they had a great apiary that you could look at through a hut and they had cameras on the entrance of the hives so you could get a good close look at the bees bringing in all different colours of pollen (lucky bees with all the different flowers to choose from). Two hives still had four supers on! It was a great day, we also watched birds of prey flying.

That’s all for now and will let you know how we got on preparing the bees for winter…

Bye for now…

August 2018

Hi Krsna here!
What a good season it has been, considering my dad came through winter with only one colony due to other hives having drone laying queens.   We split that hive into three others and all have built up strong, also my nuc which is now a big colony and has given us a load of honey.

I have been busy getting honey from the hives and extracting the honey with my brothers. WOW! what a mess we made. We could not keep our fingers out of the honey, yum yum.

We just need to bottle it now (it took a while helping clean the kitchen). I have six weeks to play with the bees now the summer holidays are here . GREAT

Bye, bye for now…


July 2018

Hi Krsna here!
WOW! What great weather we have been having! It’s been a busy month with the bees – my queen that I introduced has been accepted! GREAT! I have named her Charlotte. My dad and I have moved them from a nuc now into a full hive with foundation to draw out (just to keep them busy).

I have also been to Lampeter beekeepers’ association with my dad as he helps in the training apiary as this years beginners have been coming now and its great to see so many beekeepers. They think it’s great to see a deaf child beekeeping and why not? If any young deaf children out there are interested in beekeeping get hold of your local association and I am sure they would love to help you out ……
That’s all for this month…

June 2018

Krsna with the new queen

Hi, Krsna here!
This month has been about getting the bees back right from the drone laying queens! My nuc had a drone laying queen in, which was a shame as it has a lot of bees in it, so my dad got me a mated queen to put into the nuc (he’s a good dad). We put tape over the food opening of the travel cage just to give the bees a few more days to get used to the queen.

We left it four days then went and took the tape off and put the queen back in (fingers crossed they accept her) and we noticed they were a bit short on food, so we took a frame from another colony which had enough stores to spare.

As the weather is starting to pick up here in West Wales I hope the bees will be able to get out more now. I will think of a name for the new queen and let you know next time …


May 2018

Hi, Krsna here.

This month I went with my dad and checked the hives. This month has not been too good as two hives have drone-laying queens.  Me and my dad have put my nuc into a hive now as they need the room (I am glad as I have been worried because of the weather). We put my nuc into a hive and gave some foundation and have fed some syrup just to keep them going until the weather picks up.



I also got to see my queen; she has been busy laying lots of eggs. I have got to wear my new bee suit now and it’s great, same colour as my dad’s suit. My dad is sorting the hives out ready for when we get nice weather and we can start to rear some queens … I will keep you posted.

Bye for now…




April 2018

Hi, Krsna here. Well, what a month!

We have had snow, winds and rain….

I was so looking forward to going to ‘Bee-Tradex. with my dad but we had to cancel due to the weather, here in Wales the snow was bad. When the weather was good enough we checked the hives and we have lost one so far (a swarm from late last year) but the rest all seem ok.

my new bee suit

Anyhow I went to the Welsh Bee Convention with my dad and I got a brand new bee suit and met the lovely Bee Craft team, I was also given some nice gifts off some of the traders, it was a great day (spent all my pocket money on different bits and pieces).

I hope next month the sun will put his hat on and the beekeeping can start.




March 2018

Here are a couple of pics of what i have been doing with my dad:

making up frames

I have been making frames up ready for the season ahead ,I like making frames up as it lets me get to use my dads tools. We have made extra because we are going to be doing Bailey Comb changes on a couple of hives my dad was given late in the season. The wax in the frames is in a bad state so we will be changing them. I will keep you updated about that later in the year.

I have also been feeding fondant with pollen to those to hives as they felt a bit light in weight, because we got the hives late in the year that did not have a great deal of stores. We fed syrup but the weather got cold and they stopped taking the syrup. The bees are still alive so I hope the fondant will see them through to the warmer weather ….

bye bye for now and will be back next month ….. Krsna



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