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Book reviews by our Bkids Club members

Book review – The Honey Bee’s Reward 

written by Paul Vagg


The Honey Bee’s Reward is an interesting book. It is about a boy who saves a honey bee from a spider’s clutches. The grateful bee promises the boy a ‘trove of gold’.

Review by Aidan (11)

I enjoyed the main character because he is a kind, helpful and patient boy who puts others before himself. I especially enjoyed the funny twist at the end!

I think this book is suitable for ages 4 -10 years because it is a quick, informative and surprising book.


available from Amazon from £7.42 for the paperback version







Book Review: Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow

written by Paul Noel
Busy Bee and the Endangered Meadow is a lovely book about Bea and her friends trying to protect the meadow they live in. This book is for children from six to ten as there are some words a young child might not understand. A great book for bedtimes because it has a fabulous storyline for a parent to read to their child.

It takes about an hour to read and it features many different characters, each character having a different personality.

I love this book because it has a powerful story about the world around us and how small changes can effect the environment. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves insects and nature and changing what could happen to meadows and wild forests.

By Rosie, aged 10



written by Lynn Brunelle

This book helps you to help bees, it tells you all about bees and has lots of activities and experiments.

I like this book because you can make it into a beehive and if you can’t do one of the experiments, there are lots more and you can find one you can do. I like how the book explains why bees are in trouble and how you can help them. I also like it because it has lots of facts about bees. I have done lots of the experiments and they all work really well.

My favourite experiment in the book was Leaping Pollen to show how the pollen is attracted to the bees. I liked how all the materials for the beehive are in the book, I had fun with my friends making it and finding a spot in my garden for it. My favourite bee is now the Mason Bee because its a superhero pollinator.

I really like the cartoon bee illustrations but I would like more real life bee illustrations or photographs to make it easier to identify the bees. The illustrations are really funny in the book though.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to other people to learn more about bees.

Review by Faye, age 12




Book Review: The Honey Bee Castle

written by Asli Ozkirim


I was happy Melissa Bee asked me to read and review this book.


There are nine chapters in the Honey Bee Castle, each one is a different story. The pictures are colourful, exciting and drawn well. I could have read the book by myself, but I read one page and my mum read one. It was more fun snuggling up and reading together. I don’t know why but I got the long pages a lot. My little brother liked to listen as well.


Kirsty and her brother reading the

Honey Bee Castle

My favourite chapter was when the bees decided to replace the old queen with a new one. In the pictures, the new queen was beautiful and kind. My mum liked the story when the fairy gave the bees their stings so they could defend the castle from a greedy bear.

I have one more chapter and I’m going to read it tonight with my mum. I recommend this book to children my age. I think they would enjoy reading it as much as I did.


by Kirsty  (age 8)

available through





Book review :  BeeBoy the clash of the killer queens

written by Tony de Saulles

Bee Boy is an amazing story about a young beekeeper, who has lots of problems. His biggest problem is the school bully but also killer wasps. Melvin can change into a bee and go into the hive. I liked the cartoon drawings all through the book.

The author, Tony de Saulles, lives in the countryside and keeps bees, he is also the author of the horrible science books so he really knows what he’s talking about.

The book is exciting and I really loved it. It is also really funny. I can’t wait to read the next one. I think anyone who likes bees will enjoy this book.

Thank you for letting me review this book.
Isabella aged 7

I would like to add that the book is set out very well and the simple drawings in white, grey and yellow really complement the text. It is written clearly in a way that appeals to children.

It would be ideal for newly confident readers wanting a “proper” book or older possibly reluctant readers as there are plenty of pictures and a good story line. Children who enjoy facts would also enjoy this as, unlike most ” story books”, it is factually correct and there is plenty of information to take in without being preachy. It might appeal to parents looking for a bedtime story to share  with their children as the chapters aren’t too long and there is a  lot to discuss.

I, too, am looking forward to the next installment of what I hope will be a successful series!

Please find attached a photo of Belle enjoying the book.

Tim  (Isabella’s dad)

available from Amazon £6.99 pre-order (Release date: 1st February 2018)



Book review – Honey Biscuits

written by Meredith Hooper. Illustrated by Alison Bartlett.

Honey biscuits by Meredith Hooper My 18 month old daughter, Erin and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Erin loved the bright illustrations and I love to cook so it was nice to read her a book about baking with honey.

The book is about a little boy called Ben helping his Gran make honey biscuits, his Gran explains where each ingredient comes from – we loved the page with the bees on it!  We attempted making the biscuits, apart from ending up with honey in my hair and all over the kitchen it was a great success and they were very scrummy.  This is a wonderful book for children.


Charlotte Tonge ACCA BA(Hons) (Erin’s mum)

This book is available from Amazon books priced between £2.19 for second-hand copies and £5.24 for new.




Book Review – Hannah and the Honey Bees

written by Alison Simms

Review By: Finn McMullan, age 10

Finn McMullan won our competition for a smoker last year. He also obviously supports Man Utd.

Finn McMullan was our first BKids diarist. Read his diary on the BKids club pages.

Hannah & the Honey Bees is available through's shop, £9

Hannah & the Honey Bees 

Hannah and the Honey Bees is a book written by Alison Simms. An ordinary girl named Hannah dreams herself into a beehive and has a great time.

Hannah learns about bees at her granddad’s farm. She gets a bee suit for her birthday so granddad can teach her about hive inspections and bee equipment. Hannah happily helps granddad catch a swarm and extract the honey.

One day Hannah falls asleep in the garden and ends up in a beehive. She meets a young bee called Tweeny and they become friends. Tweeny takes Hannah to the queen, where she introduces herself. The queen tries to feed her royal jelly, which I think is funny. One day while Hannah is in the hive, she sees lots of wasps trying to get in. She quickly tries to help save the colony. The bees win the battle bravely but something sad happens.

Hannah and the Honey Bees is an exciting, wonderful story that will interest kids, especially bee keepers. I really liked it and recommend this book.