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Jokes Galore!

Try these on your family and friends!

Where do bees go to the toilet?

At the BP station


What did the queen bee say to the baby bee?

Bee-hive yourself!


What sort of car does a bee drive?

A Bee-M-W!


Who is the bees favourite singer?



What do you get when you cross a bee with a skunk?

A creature that stings and stinks.

What does the queen bee do when she burps?

She issues a royal pardon

What does Santa Claus say to the bees?

Ho Hum Hum.


Who is the bees favourite pop group?

The Bee Gees or the Beetles!




What did the bee say to the flower?

Hello Honey!


Who is a famous bee artist?

Bee-onardo Da Vinci.


Why do bees hum?

Because they’ve forgotten the words.


What are the bees favourite flowers?

Bee-gonias and Honeysuckles.


What is the baby bees’ favourite fairytale?

Bee-uty and the Bees.


What do you call a bee born in May?

A MayBee!


What do bees take to stay healthy?

Vitamin Bee!

What is a bees favourite food?

Bee-nut butter and honey sandwiches.

Where do the bees like to go on holiday?

To the bee-ch in Stingapore!


How do bees get married?

They are bee-trothed.


Where do baby bees sleep?

In apricots! (apiary cots)


What does a bee sit on?

Its bee-hind!